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Interior & Exterior Color Consultations

Rates starting at $175

My job is to help you live in colors you LOVE.

Have you been making a few trips back and forth to the paint store, and every time you bring a swatch or sample home, the color turns out to be nothing like you wanted? Or maybe you’re into a cooler vibe, while your partner loves warmer tones - how do you both get what you want? Have you started to feel overwhelmed at the amount of color choices you need to make during your remodel/renovation (paint color, cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, grout, etc.)?

Hiring someone who specializes in color is one of the smartest investments you will make as you begin to make the house your home. Receiving help deciding on colors that support architecture and showcase your unique style is the way to getting everything done right the first time.

As a certified Color in Space™ Consultant, I will guide you through a simple, two-step process in which we discover your colors together and apply those colors throughout your space.

The typical consultation lasts between 3-5 hours, and at the end you will receive a set of your own personal color palette in a set of swatches. Specifications are written on the back of the swatch identifying where we’ve decided to apply the color and the product sheen. This creates a great tool that you can carry with you as you continue shopping and decorating your space.

A detailed specification sheet ($25) is also available if needed. This creates an easy way to communicate the application to the team coming in doing the paint job.




We will establish a selection of colors that work well together and that speak to you.


Next, we will determine where each color will be used in your space so you know exactly what to paint or how to instruct a painter.


For a number of reasons, Color in Space™ Color Consultants specify paint colors primarily with Benjamin Moore® tools and products.

Sustainability: Benjamin Moore® paints are available in “green” products. Ask about which paints are low-VOC or no-VOC.

Quality: As Color Consultants, we need to recommend paints that will hold up and make our clients happy without fail. While Benjamin Moore® paints are not the least expensive, we find that their reliability proves you get what you pay for. They are also easily accessible in most major cities across the United States and online.

Color Choices: Benjamin Moore® has the largest color selection available and supports their designers with fabulous tools. They also have a fabulous variety of muted and saturated colors. This is what provides such incredible depth and a natural energy to many color designs.

Sherwin Williams® and Behr® paint colors are also available upon request.

For more information about color theory and relationships, please visit

new homeowners

I offer $50 off your first color consultation if you recently purchased your home (within 1 year)! Please contact me for more information.

Hard & Soft Finish Consultations

Rates starting at $225

Applying the same process as a Color in Space™ Color Consultant, we will take decision-making one step further and select hard and soft finishes that complement your space, including but not limited to: kitchen & bath countertops, cabinets, flooring, fireplaces, furniture, window treatments, hardware, and more. I will connect you with design partners who specialize in your preferred applications, while also passing on any trade savings available. With your palette in hand, we will visit showrooms/review samples to make decisions on some of the more expensive finishes, ensuring that everything maintains balance and harmony throughout the home.

Moving Assistance & Organization

Rates starting at $125

Life gets busy and some tasks require more time than what we have space for. Through this service, you are able to continue tackling more pressing priorities while I work on the details.

Are you in a place of transition? Could you use some help scheduling movers, selling furniture, packing in an organized manner, unpacking to make your new home feel like yours? Maybe you are trying to sell your home, but need some assistance with staging and preparing your house for the sale. Or maybe you’ve just bought a home, and would love to have a plan in place for where of all your belongings will go.

I apply realistic solutions to all your moving needs and will be your personal assistant for this part of your journey. Wherever you may be in this process, I can be of service to help you cross the finish line.

Decorating & Shopping

Rates starting at $100

You’ve taken care of all the big stuff. The remodel is over, the paint is done, now it’s time to fill your space with additional treasures that are unique to you such as furniture, lighting, pillows, accessories, and more. For this service, we will identify what your style is, develop a plan of attack, and go on the hunt for items that help showcase your personality and taste. The initial service includes 4 hours, including planning time and shopping appointments. Additional time to the service may be added for a discounted rate.



As a Color in Space Consultant, we are working with the energy of the space to create a harmony that resonates with each individual space we serve, similar to the intention of feng shui.

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